Takara Ramen Bar: Spicy Miso Ramen

L.A. is known for it’s good street food, the food trucks are legendary, as is the Mexican Food but low and behold, so is the Asian food. Knowing that we were going to be in LA for the Weekend, Matt and I researched some Ramen joints located near our hotel and settled on a newer establishment close by rather than cabbing it to Koreatown where better rated joints are found. We visited TAKARA RAMEN just off of Sunset with a couple buddies to see what the City of Angels had to offer.

TAKARA looks to be an old diner, re-modeled into a Ramen Joint, it’s all black and white with an open kitchen on one side and booths lining the other, a large window looks out into the hustle and bustle of Hollywood as you eat. I went for the Spicy Miso which comes with Chasu Pork, Egg, Bamboo, Sesame Seeds, Onion, Bok Choi, Bean Sprouts and Ground Pork. Within 10 minutes of ordering, the Ramen was at the table.

While the presentation wasn’t the best (everything was under the broth except for the Pork and the Bok Choi), the broth itself was a winner. A nice level of spice on top of a rich and flavorful Miso-based broth. The pork itself was delicate, the egg was decent and the noodles were solid, not amazing but not bad either. I really enjoyed the addition of the Bok Choi in the Ramen as a little green always helps cut through the richness of Ramen but the ground pork was completely lost amid the other flavors and textures.

Overall I was pleased with my meal as it was a mix of good flavors and it left my belly full. I would try another Ramen House next time I was in LA but if I was in the area, I would give TAKARA another go.


  • Dish: Spicy Miso Ramen
  • Price: $10.95
  • Extras: None
  • Rating: rating_3



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