Tsukumo: Cheese Ramen

While in Japan I asked my friend Brad to take me to for a “ramen I wouldn’t get back home” and he obliged by introducing me to Cheese Ramen. Yes, you heard that right, Cheese Ramen and believe me, it’s more amazing than you think!!!

We taxied to the Minato-ku district of Tokyo to this little shop with a line-up at 11:45am, great sign. Tsukumo is known for their Cheese Ramen, it’s  the house speciality, but they also serve the more traditional kinds as well. Hogwash I say, I was here for Cheese Ramen and my belly would not be denied!!! While waiting, they took our order and by the time we were seated, we were given our large bowls of goodness. Basically, it’s rich pork-based broth, noodles, the usual toppings at your request and a cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese on top. I ordered the usual egg and some fresh scallions for my ramen but otherwise I left it as is, I even went against type and didn’t ask for “extra spicy”, I wanted this experience to be as pure as possible.

I mixed the fresh cheese into the broth and to my surprise and delight, the melted cheese attached itself to the noodles giving me an amazing mouthful of rich broth and cheesy noodles – wow, what a find! Each mouthful was like a soupy cheesy symphony that I didn’t want to end. Of course this combination is super filling so even I could not finish everything though I tried my best. It was seriously one of the most surprising and flavorful bowls of ramen I’ve ever encountered, I wouldn’t change a thing.

This is richness and decadence to the Nth degree and something you could probably only eat once every few month but let me tell you, this is something that every Ramen fan needs to try. Classic broth, proper noodles and the freshest of grated cheese together in a bowl. If you find yourself in the Minato-ku district of Tokyo, do yourself a favor and head to Tsukumo for the goodness that is Cheese Ramen.

  • Dish: Cheese Ramen
  • Location: Tsukumo
  • Address: 1-1-36 Hiroo, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Price: 1,100 Yen = ~$11.00
  • Extras: Seasoned Egg & Scallions
  • Rating: rating_5

TsukumoCheese Ramen


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