Fujiyoshi: Spicy Tonkotsu

Another newish establishment in San Francisco, Fujiyoshi started as a small pop-up in 2013. They eventually moved into their full time spot on Post St. just up from Union Square. The restaurant itself isn’t anything super trendy or fancy but reminds me much of the small ramen shops in Tokyo. Kitchen is right up at the front when you first walk int with part of it being in a window looking out on the street. All the noises and smells fill the small seating area and gives it a great atmosphere.

They offer several different dishes, which span the range of the usual suspects. My choice was the Spicy Tonkotsu which is hands done my favorite variety. Fujiyoshi allows you to customize your dish a bit more then most places which is really nice. You have a choice of spice level, noodle type (thin, thick, wavy), and how the noodles are cooked. I opted for the thin noodles cooked normal (tender but with a little bite to them) and spicy (out of mild, medium, spicy, and very spicy) for my main choices. I then also added corn to the dish.

The bowl arrived nice and piping hot seemingly almost boiling. The spicy chili paste bright red in the center of the bowl flanked by some nice green onions and a gorgeous half of seasoned egg. The broth was noticeably clearer then most Tonkotsu broths I am used to but it had the telltale fat floating right on the top along with some garlic and sesame seeds. The broth flavor was rich and salty with a sticky hint of fat. It had a nice robust range and really was deceptive for how clear the broth was.

The noodles were exactly as ordered and had a really nice tender bite to them. Flavor was good and they really complemented the broth. Add to that the nice fresh toppings and a killer seasoned egg and this dish was a winner.

As a new place in town I think Fujiyoshi really stands out. The atmosphere was good and the ramen very satisfiying. I’d highly recommend visiting if you are in the area. While not quite at the top of my list, this was a damn fine bowl of noodles.

– Matt


  • Dish: Spicy Tonkotsu
  • Location: Fujiyoshi Ramen
  • Address: 639 Post StreetSan Francisco, CA
  • Price: $11.00
  • Extras: Corn $1.00
  • Rating: rating_4

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