Coco’s Ramen: CURRY RAMEN

I love it when a new ramen joint opens up in town and I love it even more when that new ramen joint is walking distance from home…. my belly or cholesterol level may not be happy but I am! So it was with unbridled enthusiasm on a sunny Saturday afternoon that the wife and I decided to give the new noodle-slurping shop a try and Im glad we did, Coco’s Ramen is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Connected to Crazy SushiCoco’s boasts a simple menu but with six different ramen broths to choose from, there are a few options. I decided to against the norm and order the Curry Ramen, which calls itself “flavorful – a curry base with pork and chicken stock”. All ramens come with nori, assorted veggies and of course an egg. I asked for it spicy with some black garlic and I of course ordered a second egg. When my bowl arrived, I was greeted with a deep mustard colored visual and a smell of light japanese curry! The broth was thick, the flavor was excellent and not-overpowering which is exactly what I was hoping for. The pork/chicken broth shone through and the curry was a delicious accent instead of a majority stakeholder. The veggies were fresh (big hunks of potato and carrot throughout), the pork was delicate and the two eggs were wonderful companions to the as-advertised “flavorful” broth. If there was one downside, I would say it was the noodles, as to me, they didn’t taste fresh.

While I enjoyed the Curry Ramen, I haven’t been back (mainly due to work travel) but I am excited to try another dish (my wife loved her Tonkotsu Ramen) especially since its in the ‘hood. Coco’s Ramen is a welcome addition to my personal lazy-susan of Ramen shops and with a close location and multiple choices I see many repeat visits in my future.

Spicy Curry Ramen Cocos

Dish: Curry Ramen w. additional Egg & black garlic
Location: Coco’s Ramen
Address: 3319 Mission St., San Francisco, CA, 415-648-7722
Price $13.50
Rating: rating_3


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