Address: 320 E. Pine Street, Seattle, WA. 98122


Ramen: Garlic Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen ($12) w. Seasoned egg ($2)

Price: $14

REVIEW: Knowing that I was headed to Seattle for business, I put the call out on Twitter for a good Ramen recommendation and boy, did Social Media deliver. During lunch, a buddy and I went to Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya for the heavily recommended GARLIC TONKOTSU SHOYU RAMEN. On the menu, its listed as “Limited Quantity everyday”, luckily we made it in time. What a great bowl of ramen! The base was Tonkotsu, with added Shoyu and tons of garlic, all these flavors melded so well together, without an overpowering burn of garlic but all of the taste! The Chashu was great, the egg was solid and the noodles tasty. Overall, this was definitely a solid bowl of Ramen! If you find yourself in Capitol Hill, Seattle, stop by Kizuki for their delectable GARLIC TONKOTSU SHOYU RAMEN, it’s definitely worth a visit.


SCORE: rating_4



Place: Ippudo Westside

Address: 351 W.51st Street, NYC, 10019


Ramen: Karakacchan Ramen Hakata Meibutsu

Description: A unique blend of twenty-six spices, ground pork and bold umami essences in a beef shoyu-based broth with a spicy-kick. Served with our exclusive thick wavy noodles.

Price: $17.00

Review: Amazing appies & killer ramen! There was no weakness in this bowl, great beef base, perfect spice, everything worked & each mouthful popped!

Score: rating_5

Karakacchan Ramen

THE RAMEN SHOP: Green Garlic Shoyu Ramen

I’ve head about Ramen Shop in Oakland for years, it has a story and if you are a ramen fan in the Bay Area, you’ve heard the name before. The one surprising thing is that people love it or hate it but I haven’t heard of anyone who has loved every bowl they’ve eaten there. They do change their menu daily, so not everything is going to be a hit but with the calibre of talent in the kitchen there should be more wins than losses. Everything about Ramen Shop is great (the decor, the staff, the vibe, the open-concept kitchen, the bar, the cocktails, the menu & the appies) but it has three fatal flaws:

1) The wait. We got their at 5pm and had to wait 100 minutes… what? I could see this happening at 7:30pm but at 5pm? Ramen is supposed to be a quick meal not a lengthy affair and after reading the multitude of reviews here, this length of wait time seems common but to me? That’s unacceptable.

2)The Price. $17 for a bowl of ramen? $17? What is this Times Square New York? Do you get a certificate of pork authenticity with every bowl? In a city where ramen usually costs $9-12, this seems absurd! If you are going to charge $17 for a bowl of ramen, that better be the biggest, boldest, gold-dipped bowl of fireworks inducing Ramen ever served!!! It was not.

3) The Ramen. I ordered the Green Garlic Shoyu Ramen (which includes: a shoyu-marniated egg, black trumpet & hedgehog mushrooms, red spring onions and peppercress) and was greeted with something that looked good but tasted of disappointment. First off I should say that the Egg & Noodles were fantastic, top notch but you only get 1/2 the egg… boo. The pork Chashu was uber fatty thus chewy with little to no bold pork flavor. The various mushrooms and fresh peppercress were welcome flavors but the broth….

This was a Shoyu-based ramen which means Soy Sauce flavored and assari (light) as opposed to a rich, thick koterri-style broth. I love me a good Shoyu but this one was so overtly salty that it actually made me pause. There were hints of smoke and nori and subtle flavors but I tasted no “green garlic” and an always overpowering punch of salt. I know Soy Sauce is inherently salty but this was S-A-L-T-Y! This was the first bowl of ramen I didn’t completely finish, I ate all the noodles but left the broth and if you know me, that’s saying something.

I know Ramen Shop changes its menu almost daily and it has its fair share of fans but that wait, those prices and that disappointing first bowl of Green Garlic Shoyu Ramen means it will be a long time before I venture out to Ramen Shop again!

Green Garlic Shoyu Ramen

Dish: Green Garlic Shoyu Ramen
Location: Ramen Shop
Address: 5812 College Ave, Oakland (510.788.6370)
Price $17

Rating: rating_2